Sunday, October 25, 2009

5 years

(Mark and I, December 2004)

5 years ago today, I moved to Breckenridge and met the "love of my life," my husband Mark. I drove into Breckenridge on October 25, 2004 and straight out to my rental house in Blue River. That night my roommate Sam said some new friends of his were getting together to take advantage of the 2- for- 1 dinner specials we have here in the off season. We ate at Blue River Bistro, there were 8 of us. While we sat at complete opposite ends of the booth/table, I definitely noticed him down at the other end and even commented about him to my roommate after leaving the restaurant. From there things took off, I saw him every day that week, the week after, and the week after.
I love you Mark, glad I met you that night.