Thursday, October 22, 2009

BliZZard of the Month

Pumpkin Pie Blizzard
Pumpkin Pie blended with vanilla soft serve, crowned with whipped topping and nutmeg.

Thankfully, I had a couple of friends who were willing to step up to the challenge and substitute for not only me but for my brother too. Somehow us Hopkins kiddos grew up not liking pumpkin pie.

My friend Mandy
: She lives in Indiana, we met at Bible College, and I sure do wish we lived closer because we have so many of the same interests. AND, My friend Tracy: She lives right here in Breck and she loves ice cream more than anyone else I have ever met.

Mandy said: "I give it a 9. This is probably the best blizzard i've ever had. It had a stong pumpkin pie flavor, but not overwhelming...just perfect. The pie crust chunks in it were super yummy!"

Tracy said: "At first it was just okay, it was good by the end. I give it a 6."

And to be fair...I did try a teeny tiny bite of Tracy's and my only comment is "It tastes just like pumpkin pie."

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