Saturday, October 31, 2009

National Donut Month

Did you know that October is National Donut Month? Yeah, yeah, I know it is the last day of October but I just now got around to getting Mark to go to Daylight Donuts with me. This morning we all went to Daylight (one of my favorite local breakfast places), even Jack in his little costume (pictures of this to follow later).

I love donuts and I'm finally ready to eat them again. Donuts are one of the few things that didn't make me sick while pregnant. And so I ate them, a lot of them.

In doing a bit of research about these sweet cakes cooked in oil, I found a few interesting things:
  • America's favorite donut flavor is glazed. Followed by chocolate, powdered sugar, and plain.
  • Americans eat close to 10 billion donuts a year.
  • Louisville is the city where the most donuts are consumed.
  • In Ethiopia the signature donuts are called lagaymat, which are balls of fried dough drizzled with sugar.
  • A chocolate cake donut is the last food I ate before Jack was born.
So, go get a donut and Enjoy!

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  1. I HAD no idea October was donut month!! I may need to run out and get one NOW. :) Ha!