Sunday, October 11, 2009

Zoo Time and Zzzzz time

Zoo Time
This last week, we adventured down to Denver for Free Admission Day at the Zoo. I met up with some girlfriends of mine at a local Starbucks and we all headed down the mountain. It truly was a beautiful fall day. It was definitely crowded but worth it. Jack really had no idea what was going on and I didn't really expect him to - BUT, he did have a fabulous time people watching. In fact, I think the whole day completely wore him out. He slept great that night.

Zzzzz Time
He has slept great ever since then. His latest and greatest development is "sleeping through the night." I don't mean the sleeping through the night that is used by so called baby experts to describe sleeping more than 5 hours. Really, who considers this sleeping through the night? I am talking the whole night. He has been going to bed and sleeping 12 hours, at least. One day this week it was practically noon before he saw the day. One thing I have learned about having a child is the most consistent thing I have seen with Jack is that there is no consistency.'s to enjoying my sleep while I have it. We shall see if this lucky trend continues.

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