Thursday, October 22, 2009

Got our shots

After standing in line for an hour and a half in a crowded hallway with many babies, toddlers, young children, pregnant women, and moms and dads, Mark and I finally got our H1N1 vaccine shot. We attended a walk in clinic at the Summit County Public Health Department. We fit into the category of parents with an infant less than 6 months. Despite the long wait in a hot hallway and crying children - it was WORTH it. An hour and a half is much better than several days of sickness and misery. Thankfully, Jack will be 6 months in just 2 weeks and he will be able to get the shot himself.

We happen to know several people who have come down with the flu and they are fine. But Jack is so little and I would really rather not take any chances. I am thankful that we were able to get it and hope it helps keep our little family healthy. Also, I know Mark will be doing some traveling sometime early 2010 (hopefully) and it is good that he will be protected against one more thing that he could potentially pick up while traveling.


  1. i'm so glad you got them. and i'm so excited to hear you are #1!!!!! xoxo

  2. Yay! Good for you guys. :)

    And Mark traveling in 2010? That sounds like GOOD NEWS!

  3. Mandy, it should be sometime in 2010, but don't know when. Hoping earlier rather than later. But we are #1 on the baby girl wait list.

  4. Megan...that's SO exciting. I'm so happy for you guys.