Thursday, July 29, 2010

Camping Fun

Camping is fun, even with two 1-year olds. Last weekend, Mark and I took our first camping trip post went pretty well. We drove over Independence Pass to a campground about 30 minutes away from Aspen. It was about 3 miles off the highway and fairly secluded. We set up camp on Friday afternoon, played, explored, hiked, ate dinner, and then settled down for bed. Jack ended up in our bed around 11:30 and Hannah woke up screaming with her hands in her mouth around 2am. A dose of Ibuprofen later and she settled down a bit but didn't really go to sleep until around 5:30...we got up at 6:30. So the sleeping thing was a little to be desired.

Saturday morning we got up and ate breakfast, packed up (we decided one night was probably enough), and headed into Aspen. Mark took me to see Maroon Bells since I had never been before - gorgeous! We hiked around a bit and had a picnic lunch before we drove back to Breckenridge to enjoy a more luxurious stay in our own beds.

Despite the small teething/sleeping problem and having all 4 of us on one queen size air mattress we had a lot of fun! The kids batted at flowers, ate rocks & dirt, climbed on things and did all the things that little kids are supposed to do when outside --they loved it! We will be going again and we are glad we tried camping with them.

(We forgot our camera, so used mark's camera phone) Enjoy the pictures!


  1. I am glad that tho' camping Miss H kept things civilized with a bow in her hair!! :)

  2. Megan! I am so glad that you found me! Your family is beautiful. Make those won't regret it!!!