Friday, July 30, 2010

The World of Words

It's happening. The sound of words coming from little people in our house. Every morning and night when the kids are in their room the monitor brings us the cutest little sounds of our babies talking/playing games with each other. They have "hi" wars in their cribs where they must stand up and say "hi" to one another ten billion times. My children walk around holding various items to their ears saying "hi," as if they are on the phone - you'd think I'd spend all day on the phone, but I don't. Today, we were the official welcome crew in WalMart...Hannah strapped in and Jack standing in the basket - both kids saying "hi" to EVERYONE!!

Hannah mimics everything we say and is especially fond of "thank you," "hi," "bye," "up," "down," and "dog." Jack loves saying "dog," and makes sure that I know when either of our 2 furry friends are around. He also points out animals on the television and in books and loudly proclaims "dawhg-uh" at every one. His other favorite word is "up," and he walks up to us and says "bup." He is getting held a lot more - we have to encourage the words, you know.

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  1. love the new excitement of words around your house! and i love your new background. the green is so cheery and soft at the same time :) xo