Sunday, July 18, 2010

Round 3 of Ice Cream

Earlier this summer I wanted an ice cream maker very badly. I read reviews and then decided to take on the challenge of finding a recipe I liked for ice cream that did NOT involve an ice cream maker. First round involved a chocolate recipe and a vanilla recipe. Attempt #2 was the chocolate recipe with marshmallows and nuts - my own Rocky Road. Attempt #3 was the vanilla with massive amounts of cookie - my own version of Cookies and Cream.

The verdict is at this point...keep trying. The chocolate needs a different more cocoa tasting flavor - that will be the next try. Mark likes the chocolate one best as the ice cream tastes more creamy.

I like the vanilla version as it is with different ingredients and tastes a bit more icy and not as heavy. The cookies are a bonus and makes the Cookies and Cream version a hit in my book.

Good thing it is summer and ice cream is a necessity, because we have to keep eating so I can keep experimenting.

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