Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hair pics

We took Hannah to the Dr. yesterday for her 1 yr appointment. The doc said she looks great and is healthy. She is approx 28 inches long and 15 lbs.8 oz. She is still little but I am guessing she will always be on the smaller side. Way to go Hannah - keep growing. Below is a picture we took the other night of Hannah in the bath tub - her hair is getting so long.

Jack is doing well also. He is so very mobile and into everything. His hair is also getting long and I thought I would play with it and try it get it to spike. It actually went well with his "Ready to Rock" t-shirt.


  1. The kids look great!!! Hannah has about 1000X more hair than Maren!! She has her mohawk and the rest is thin fluff!

  2. But her little mohawk is sooooo cute!