Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy 12 Months

Hey Banana! You are such a big girl, you are one!! While we were not together your whole first year of your life I have been praying for you and thinking of you the whole time. You captured our hearts from the second your dad and I saw your picture come through on email last October. We lived for the monthly updates we received charting your growth through pictures. We relished in the moments we received emails from those traveling who were lucky enough to meet you before we did. AND of course we loved the moment on March 27 when we finally got to wrap our arms around you.

Over the last 3 months you have somehow managed to steal even more of our hearts than we ever thought possible. You have fit right into our family and it is hard to remember you not being with us. Although your brother Jack can not tell you in words it is clear by the way he interacts with you that he loves you too! He looks for you when you are not around and when he sees you he smiles and waves his arms in excitement. He has also recently started looking at you and saying "hi." Your interactions together continue to be so much fun to watch as you both have a genuine love for one another.

Your physical development is almost unfathomable especially considering that when we met you weren't even sitting up by yourself. Now you are standing, walking along furniture, dancing, and you even took your first steps. The day before you turned 1 you took your first unassisted steps and so far are up to 7 steps in a row...I know now it won't be long.

Your eating habits had us a little worried in the beginning when you refused anything and everything that wasn't milk. You are now eating like a champ. Some of your favorites are fruits (peaches, blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, bananas), pb&j, yogurt, avacodo, toast, pancakes...I can't even believe we have a list this long. We are still working on drinking out of a cup because it is not your coveted bottle but it is a work in a progress and you are on your way.

Sleeping is going well. You go to bed shortly before 8 but it takes you awhile to wind down every night. Most mornings you are up by 7, mostly due to your brother who stands in his crib across the room bouncing and waiting for you to pop your little head up to say "hello" back to him. You are taking two naps: one in the morning roughly 9:30 to 11, and one in the afternoon from about 2:30-4:30. All the time in between is spent playing, giggling, and exploring.

Just like your cake you are our little butterfly. Very social, very happy, very smiley! You love to show off the things you know and you seem to pick things up very quickly. You are exceptional at mimicking - it is fun to try new things with you. You love all kinds of games...peekaboo, hiding games, pulling everything out of drawer games. You blow lots of kisses and give them too. You are saying "mama" very clearly and you made my day this week when you looked at me said "mama" and blew me a kiss. Such a sweet, loving, and affectionate girl you are. You are still loving all the stuffed animals and have taken a new liking to the rocking horse you got for your birthday - you adorn your new pony with hugs and kisses. Recently you have started coming to your dad and I to climb in our laps and are growing increasingly more cuddly...we love it!!

Looking forward to all the years ahead, we love you!


  1. Happy Birthday Hannah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So so sweet! I love these updates! Happy Birthday little miss!!!

  3. Hannah!! Such a little smartie! Look at all the progress you have made!! Happy Birthday pretty girl and loads of wet sloppy smooches from the Lintons!!