Monday, November 14, 2011

Candy Beans

Tonight I was fixing dinner and asked Mark and Jack to get the kidney beans out of the pantry for our chili. Jack was ridiculously excited about the "candy beans." I am talking jumping up and down and giddy with laughter. When we sat down to eat he kept asking for different colored beans. Poor kid, he was a bit disappointed when he learned the difference between kidney beans and jelly beans.

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  1. i love this! the other day my sis and i were talking on the phone about what her husband wanted for Christmas. she said he found a really nice "tablecloth" that was $100 off that he wants. so i told her that i thought that anyone buying a tablecloth that had to be marked down by $100 must be really nice but probably way over priced. then i told her i thought it was a really strange gift for a man to ask for and want in the first place. so when on and on explaining how most men would love to have one. i was still not believing her and finally as she was talking i realized she was saying "tablesaw" not "tablecloth". :) silly me. we had a really good laugh once we figured out why our conversation was so strange back and forth. :)