Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Happy Halloween

Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Flashback: I was a Mouse when I was 2, too!


Caleb the Giraffe and his friend Madison the Clown.

Dad and Mom with Caleb.

Love that little tail / The Hubbards Trick or Treating.

Halloween was fun this year because the "big Kids" understood what was going on. They enjoyed getting candy in their pumpkins and really loved dressing up as Mickey and Minnie.


  1. It is fun when the "big kids" get it! :)Super cute costumes!
    I like that your 2 year olds are the big kids-- Levi was always the big kid at that age too. Just makes me smile!

  2. Wow, how cute are the Hubbards?? All of them! Love the M&Ms, too. Very creative and appropriate. ;)