Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Art

We love Art Time at our house. The kids love to draw, paint, etc. Here are a couple of the creations we have made lately. This one stemmed from a need to find something for my daughter to do that involved letting her meander at her own pace around the neighborhood. We collected leaves (lots of them) for this project.

J & H did a great job painting the glue and sticking on their leaves all by themselves.

This year for Halloween we decorated lots of paper pumpkins...some at our house, some at the library, some at playgroup. We also got to paint some pumpkins too. Jack likes to paint "rainbows" which is good because he uses every color. Hannah apparently likes to paint her face.

Here they are doing "cheers" with their paintbrushes.

After painting with brushes we decided it was time for finger painting.

Messy but always fun!

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