Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy 5 Months

So this post is late again (sorry little guy). It is true I have less time now that you are here but so worth it! These days you are alert and happy almost all the time.

The exceptions to this are when you are sick, hungry, or getting sleepy. The eating and the sleep thing we try and stay on top of and help you out before you get worked up. Your body strength has developed so much - you are sitting up and will stay upright if we set you up just right. Otherwise with a pillow you can sit up and look at all the commotion going on around you. You also spend time sitting in the bumbo chair, the high chair (when we are eating), the excersaucer, the jumper, and the swing. While you do get in the jumper you are not jumping yet...just sitting and twirling.

Your personality is so happy and your most favorite thing is for people to be looking at you. Your eyes are so expressive and you just love when someones eyes look at yours and you can lock the gaze and dazzle us with your smile. Speaking of your smile, I am in love with your dimple on your left cheek -- just like mine! You and me spend our days trying to keep up with Jack and Hannah. We have dance parties (you are always my dance partner), we all read books together, we watch them do art projects,etc. There is always a lot going on and you seem very content to soak it all in and go with whatever is going on.

The noises you make these days are awesome - you experiment with your voice a lot and make lots of little sounds, you love blowing raspberries, and your little laugh makes my heart turn into a pile of mush. We fake sneeze at you "Ah choo," and send you into a fit of giggles. Jack and Hannah love to play this game with you.

Sleeping - I kind of don't want to talk about it. You wake up way more than I would like. But you always go right back to sleep. Putting you down has been fairly easy...swaddled and in the hammock. A lot of mornings you wake up before we think you should so we take you downstairs and put you in the swing - you go right back to sleep. Eventually we will have to stop this but it is working for now.

You are getting big so fast! We love you Caleb James!

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  1. caleb, you are such a heartbreaker with that beautiful smile! i can't wait to babysit you and snuggle you some more...