Sunday, November 20, 2011


I recently attended a Toms "Style your Sole Party." This is where all the attendees purchase and decorate a white pair of Toms shoes. If you are not familiar with Toms shoes, it is a company that donates a pair of shoes for every pair purchased. The party was held at an art studio in town and was put together by a friend of mine. She is a high school student that has a huge heart for others - this was part of her Personal Project for school...I am honored to know her and I am so proud of the young woman she is becoming.

These are my first pair of Toms shoes and it was fun to get to put my creativity to use for a few hours while I hung out with some girls and decorated my Toms. I decorated mine with Africa for my little girl who is obsessed with talking about Ethiopia --her birth country.

This is a shot of some of the girls' shoes.
For more pictures you can go


  1. Ohh I've always wanted to attend one of those parties!!!

    How cool! Okay, now I'm totally swayed. My family needs to go.

  2. megan i am obsessed with your shoes. i love everything about them! i also looked through the flickr feed and am super impressed with how creative all the ideas were. every one of you are skilled artists for sure. i love the idea of the painting party. i'd love to be part of one!