Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy 6 Months

6 Months Already - WOW!
At your 6 month appointment you weighed 12 lbs., 2 oz. and measured 24 inches long.

What a cute little guy you are. Lately you are enjoying sitting up on your own and beginning to fall over less - you are getting the hang of it. Most of your day you spend taking in all the events of your family who loves you much. Jack and Hannah love helping me with you. Whenever you start making noise on the monitor after a nap, your big brother always says "Let me go check on Caleb." Jack and Hannah then both run up the stairs to greet you. They spend a good portion of their day talking to you and rolling around on the floor with you. As much as they like you -- you seem to like them just as much. They are a constant source of entertainment for you as you watch them run around while you are sitting on the floor, in the jumper, excersaucer, etc.

You are still twirling in the jumper, we are waiting on your first jump. When sitting in the excersaucer you now reach out and play with everything using your hands. When you see something you want your eyes and your mouth simultaneously open wide with excitement and then you reach out to grab the item and bring it to your mouth. It is very cute! You enjoy shaking things and playing with balls, rattles, stuffed animals, etc.

We recently switched you from your hammock to the crib - you made a fine adjustment. During the day you mainly nap in your crib. You occasionally fall asleep in your car seat if we have to be out. When we can't get you to take you a nap we either let you sleep in the swing or in the ergo carrier. Just when I think I see a pattern or a schedule developing (I try so hard to help you with this) you switch it up on me. But it will come soon.

Roly poly - you have been starting to roll more often. For awhile you have been able to roll from your front to back and back to front. Recently I set you down and then you saw several feet rolled until you hit the wall and could go no further. Also when laying on your tummy you will see an object several inches in front of you just out of your grasp -- I can tell you want it but can't reach. If you only knew how to crawl. (Soon enough)

Love watching your little personality continue to emerge. You will go to almost anyone and continue to be happy as long as you are well rested and fed. You smile easily for others, especially your family who you smile at just because you like us!

We like you too. We love you Caleb. Happy 1/2 Birthday!


  1. Happy 1/2 Birthday sweet Caleb!!!!!! Hugs and kisses from your Becky!!! xo